Nov 13, 2014

Kader Attia's Exhibition at Lehmann Maupin
featuring salvaged doors from Demolition Depot

“The installation’s group of anthropomorphic forms alludes to the type of gatherings that have taken place in various public spaces across the world in recent times, demonstrations of clashing values about political views and social space and other politicized issues. The door can also be seen as a metaphor for barriers, confinement, and opportunities for freedom that may be experienced in various realms of modern society.” Lehmann Maupin Gallery

Show Your Injuries -
Kader Attia

Nov 8 – Dec 14, 2014
Lehmann Maupin Gallery
201 Chrystie Street, NYC
Artist Kader Attia recently opened his latest exhibition Show Your Injuries as two installations in each of Lehmann Maupin’s gallery locations. Demolition Depot is excited to have played a unique role in the work Asensino ! Asensinos ! on display now at the Chrystie St. location. The artist sourced around 150 reclaimed doors from the Demolition Depot inventory, which were delivered directly to the gallery. He then split and rejoined them to form the structures for the installation. To view additional images and to learn more about the exhibition visit Lehmann Maupin.

Keep in mind we can be your resource for a wide range of projects, from architectural to design projects and everything in between. Simply visit the Demolition Depot website to view a large selection of our inventory or contact us to inquire.

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