Nov 2, 2015

United Charities Building is being converted ...

The United Charities Building on Park Avenue was designed by R. H. Robertson and built in 1893 by John S. Kennedy. It is one of the last surviving single user buildings left in New York City that has been in continuous use by its original owners from the time it was built. This historic property was recently sold to a Fund that will be converting it into a residential dwelling and extending the building's height. As their plan is to modernize the interior, they will not be retaining any of the original architectural elements inside. Demolition Depot has been commissioned to re-purpose all of the pieces and find new homes for them.

Original pieces used in the building can easily be re-applied to the same purpose for anyone wanting to recreate a late 19th century office interior. The conference room is intact and features a well-maintained large stained glass ceiling and the original conference table. Other features include cast iron elevator surrounds, which were discovered to be copper plated as paint was being removed from the surface. These can be used as mirror frames, doorway surrounds and so on. 

The many elements being saved from this building will make an impressive and highly memorable contribution to any residential or commercial project. Additional pieces are being removed as we speak. Please let us know if you, or anyone you know, has a use for any of these pieces. The pictures above show a small selection of what this project is yielding, but feel free to contact us for more information.

Oct 27, 2015

Look everyone, we’re on TV!

The Best Show Ever with Neil Patrick Harris recently needed an antique bar for an Old West act and they looked to Demolition Depot to provide just the right piece. Check out this clip (toward the end of the scene) to see our bar and back bar play a great supporting role.

It’s not the first time Demolition Depot has assisted Mr. Harris with a project. In their March 2015 issue, Architectural Digest featured the loving restoration of a Harlem townhouse into an ideal home for him and his family, and mentioning Demolition Depot as one of the sources providing period interior elements for the home. 

Aug 17, 2015

Victorian Back Bar with Marble Columns

Return to an era of unparalleled craftsmanship and elegance with this very scarce, third quarter 19th century Victorian back bar from an old New York City tavern. Made of old growth quarter sawn oak, it features carved egrets surrounding the beveled side mirrors and rarely seen marble columns. A bar of this age and quality is truly unique. This piece has undergone a recent restoration and is in excellent, fully operational condition. Just removed from its last location, it can go back into service immediately. The back bar measures 195"(W) 111"(H) 22.25"(D). Customization and installation services available. Please contact us for more information!

Jul 28, 2015

Another NYC travesty - important architectural
history is coming down in Brooklyn!

A perfectly intact 19th century church is being sacrificed for another residential development. Demolition Depot has been commissioned to sell the entire contents of this historic church before its demolition therefore Time is of the Essence! We wish in a perfect world that someone that has a need for an entire building will step up and re-assemble this structure or find a use for hand cut granite and sandstone and trusses. There was no expense spared when they built the building. The finest of materials at that time were used. The stained glass windows are of Tiffany quality some with drapery and multi-layered glazing. In this particular job we can save the doorways with the hand cut stone surrounds. Additional features are a very nice tiled floor and a quantity of pressed tin walls and ceilings, lighting, etc.

Please let us know what interests you after checking out what Demolition Depot was able to salvage from this property, and also learn more about the church's history on brownstoner's website.

Click on the images above to see all items salvaged from this property!

Jun 26, 2015

So many upcoming deconstructions,
yet so little time to inventory them all!

It is shaping up to be a busy summer. We have several projects in the initial stages of deconstruction and many exciting new items are yet to be inventoried. But just because our plates are full, doesn’t mean you should have to wait on that perfect piece. So to help you find what you are looking for as soon as possible, we are introducing a special “Upcoming & Current Deconstruction” section to our website. Here you can browse projects that are in the works and get a preview of items we expect to become available. If something catches your eye, just contact us for further details. Keep in mind, this is a sneak peak so some items may not make it into inventory, and make sure to check back often as we will update it frequently.

Jun 16, 2015

Irreplaceable Artifacts / Demolition Depot
now available on

We are pleased to announce that some of our finest pieces are now available for purchase through premium online antiques marketplace Currently listed items included antique fireplace mantels, chandeliers, windows , window guards and grills in cast iron and bronze, a pair of exceptional Beaux Arts period door panels and an elegant Georgian Revival overmantel mirror. Click on the image above to view all available items, and remember to check back as additional pieces become available.

Apr 2, 2015

Salvaging the Rich History of 489 Washington Ave
in Brooklyn, New York

Yet again, Brooklyn is losing a piece of architectural history as another 19th century property is slated to be demolished. The rich and varied history of this particular building was provided by our friends at

Originally built as a private home for an affluent Brooklyn family, the house has been the post and museum for a Civil War veterans’ organization, a dance hall and ultimately a Pentecostal Church. The hope, according to Brownstoner, was that such a historic property would stand the test of time. Unfortunately this was not to be. However, Demolition Depot has saved many of the last remaining pieces representing the building’s fascinating history. From the magnificent stained glass ceiling with the Grand Army of the Republic insignia, to transom windows honoring the different branches of military service, to religious furniture from the properties’ last owners and a selection of stone fireplace mantels. If you wish to see all items we were able to salvage from 489 Washington Ave in Brooklyn, NY click on the image below.

Feb 26, 2015

Large collection of architectural elements
salvaged from an Upper West Side townhouse

Upper West Side Townhouse Salvage in New York

This impressive property is supplying a large amount of original architectural elements and building materials perfect for any restoration, building or design project. Available items include two paneled rooms, stair railings and stairwell wainscoting, parquet flooring, beautifully detailed wood and cast stone fireplace mantels, interior paneled  and pocket doors, and plumping fixtures. Click on the images above for additional information or contact us to inquire. You may also visit our website to view a larger selection of our paneled rooms, building materials and all other architectural artifacts.
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