Dec 29, 2014

Let there be warm and cozy light ...

Let the soft glow of colored glass lighting warm up your holiday season and beyond. Demolition Depot has a beautiful selection of stained glass, slag glass and art glass fixtures to compliment your interior space. And remember, if colored glass is not quite right, we also have an extensive collection of antique and vintage lighting, from crystal chandeliers and wall sconces to lanterns and ceiling fixtures. In addition, our new category features contemporary lighting options for your home or business. Please take a look at the image below or contact us to inquire. You may also visit our website to view a larger range of interior and exterior lighting.

1. Pendant fixture | 2. Murano glass chandelier | 3. Bradley and Hubbard fixture
4. Bronze cathedral lantern | 5. Chandelier with signed Nuart glass shades
6. Hanging globe light| 7. Bronze hanging lantern | 8. Bradley and Hubbard fixture
9. Chandelier with iridescent Nuart glass shades

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