Jul 28, 2015

Another NYC travesty - important architectural
history is coming down in Brooklyn!

A perfectly intact 19th century church is being sacrificed for another residential development. Demolition Depot has been commissioned to sell the entire contents of this historic church before its demolition therefore Time is of the Essence! We wish in a perfect world that someone that has a need for an entire building will step up and re-assemble this structure or find a use for hand cut granite and sandstone and trusses. There was no expense spared when they built the building. The finest of materials at that time were used. The stained glass windows are of Tiffany quality some with drapery and multi-layered glazing. In this particular job we can save the doorways with the hand cut stone surrounds. Additional features are a very nice tiled floor and a quantity of pressed tin walls and ceilings, lighting, etc.

Please let us know what interests you after checking out what Demolition Depot was able to salvage from this property, and also learn more about the church's history on brownstoner's website.

Click on the images above to see all items salvaged from this property!

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