Nov 2, 2015

United Charities Building is being converted ...

The United Charities Building on Park Avenue was designed by R. H. Robertson and built in 1893 by John S. Kennedy. It is one of the last surviving single user buildings left in New York City that has been in continuous use by its original owners from the time it was built. This historic property was recently sold to a Fund that will be converting it into a residential dwelling and extending the building's height. As their plan is to modernize the interior, they will not be retaining any of the original architectural elements inside. Demolition Depot has been commissioned to re-purpose all of the pieces and find new homes for them.

Original pieces used in the building can easily be re-applied to the same purpose for anyone wanting to recreate a late 19th century office interior. The conference room is intact and features a well-maintained large stained glass ceiling and the original conference table. Other features include cast iron elevator surrounds, which were discovered to be copper plated as paint was being removed from the surface. These can be used as mirror frames, doorway surrounds and so on. 

The many elements being saved from this building will make an impressive and highly memorable contribution to any residential or commercial project. Additional pieces are being removed as we speak. Please let us know if you, or anyone you know, has a use for any of these pieces. The pictures above show a small selection of what this project is yielding, but feel free to contact us for more information.

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