Oct 17, 2018

Another New York institution has shut its doors

Unique opportunity to own a part of New York City history. Now available, the complete interior of Glaser's Bake Shop, a true NYC institution, recently closed after operating on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for 116 years.

Elements include the beautiful, turn of the century wood showcasing, having ample storage below, marvelous, upward sliding glass doors above and decorative fluted Ionic pilasters. The upper section of open cabinetry has original silvered mirrors, original milk glass upper panels, and marble countertop.

Also available are Schoolhouse pendant fixtures, pressed tin ceiling, a vintage refrigerated case, and contemporary display cases. Great for period movie sets, photos shoot, or someone opening up an old time bakery or a period store. Contact us for full details and pricing.

Harlem Country Auction at Demolition Depot

1 comment:

  1. With so much demolition going on for un affordable condos & high rise Godzilla buildings we have a situation where all of New York History is also being demolished!!So now where is the aesthetic architecture of a futuristic style going to be ?Those buildings with huge voids in the building architecture are fire hazards I would think as they look very scary & dangerous! Is anything livable & super safe with a visual look of beauty going up??? You need something more than just condos??? Is there creative modern aesthetic building apartments going up somewhere in the upper east side?????


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