Jun 6, 2019

Important New York City Mansion being demolished

Two stately Upper East Side Mansions are being demolished for a Condo Development.

These French Renaissance style limestone mansions were originally built in 1909 for Edith T. Martin and Alice Martin McCoon.

The buildings have a rich history, having gone through various transformations from mirror image townhouses to apartments.

From the stunning interior of the homes, an abundance of original, finely crafted architectural ornaments are being made available. Magnificent complete paneled rooms, finely carved marble mantels, elegant stair railings in iron or carved wood, leaded glass windows, parquet flooring, and so on.

Numerous fine quality reproduction light fixtures and other items in an excellent, clean condition are also available.

These items would make an impressive addition to any home, apartment, hotel, restaurant, office, etc. If you know people who appreciate these type of things please send them our way.

Please call 212-860-1138 to discuss your interests.

Demolition Depot

1 comment:

  1. It's so sad that such a little jewel got demolished and replaced by a an anonymous soulless condo.


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