Dec 20, 2012

Just In! The Malcolm Forbes Townhouse Interior

Malcolm Forbes Townhouse in NYC
The Malcolm Forbes townhouse interior bites the dust ... well almost! But we were appointed to sell these pieces before the demolition crews arrival. We got all of the best pieces out and they are now available through us. The house had some distinguishing and some nice and useable fixtures worth saving.

Malcolm Forbes Townhouse's Paneled Room

Another noteworthy piece is an important American circa 1850 Roccoco Revival Carrara marble mantel that has elaborately caved frieze and jambs. The same one is in the Belter Room in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
Malcolm Forbes Townhouse's Marble Fireplace

In addition here were a set of three large heavy brass multi-arm chandeliers of coordinating style to the paneled room that they were in. Also look at the corresponding set of 4 sconces.
Malcolm Forbes Townhouse's Large Chandelier  Malcolm Forbes Townhouse's Sconces

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