Dec 7, 2012

The Hour Chimes for FlavorWire

Thank you to Flavorwire for featuring one of our items in their Gift Guide from 50 New York Neighborhoods! This wonderful early 20th century Beaux Arts ‘clock’ was patented by James Arthur Dempsey on January 5th, 1915 as an ‘Illuminating and Sounding Sign or Indicator’ and is not the time telling clock it is meant to look like. Dempsey states in his patent “My invention has particular reference to, and utility in connection with a ceremony performed in the lodges of the order of “Elks”, and while not necessarily a clock in the ordinary acceptation of the word, it is adapted to perform the function of indicating a particular hour” and further states “The objects of my invention are, among other things, to provide a device and system which will be artistic and effective”. We couldn’t agree more James, it is indeed artistically effective at being beautiful……

Click here to read the patent of the Beaux Arts 'clock' by James Arthur Dempsey from the United States Patent Office. 

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